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Salima Specialties brings the flavors of India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand to its new Skyway location. Serving an impressive halal menu of Southeast Asian cuisine — including satay chicken skewers, banh mi, samosas, soups, and curries — Salima Specialties is one of the few Cham restaurants in the area. Cham people are an ethnic group in Cambodia and Vietnam, tracing their ancestry back to the historic Kingdom of Champa. Fleeing Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge and the Vietnam War, Muslim Cham refugees began to arrive in Seattle in 1978 and have developed a tight-knit community in South Seattle.   


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Salima Specialties is the long awaited return of chef
Salima’s brick and mortar presence in Seattle’s South End.
Previously known as Salima’s Restaurant on MLK Way in
2005, today we are honored to serve our local Skyway

The concept of Pan-Asian street food pays homage to the cultural influences in Cham cuisine. You will find dishes that travel through Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, India and more. From bánh mì to meatballs to samosas,  our menu is meant to be accessible to all whether you want to find a familiar taste or venture out into something new. Our meat is 100% Zabihah Halal locally hand-slaughtered.

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